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Welcome to Father Nature Landscaping

We are your horticultural helping hand in the London, Ontario area!

We are an elite team of “plant nerds” who have the knowledge and passion to make your landscape a true piece of art.

How It All Began

As a third generation horticulturalist and landscape designer, I have developed quite a passion for my craft. It all began when I was a young lad, weeding gardens at the age of five. Shortly, after this introduction, a love for the plants was acquired. I was fascinated by the way they grew, and whats it takes to care for them. I was hooked, totally obsessed with botany. Horticulture became my main focus and I never looked back. Some would say that sap runs through my veins! After graduating from Niagara College in 2003, I became supervisor for my father’s company. In 2011, I decided to branch out on my own. I put down roots and Father Nature Landscaping was born.

Our Services

We specialize in:

  • Landscape design & construction
  • Pond design & installation
  • Patios, walk-ways & retaining walls
  • Dormant spraying and pruning
  • Structural pruning & shaping
  • Garden maintenance & fertilization/plant pathology
  • Spring clean-up/Fall clean-up
  • Mulching
  • Bulb planting & design
  • Installation of aluminum edging

Landscape Design & Construction

Our goal is to create a beautiful outdoor landscape that will enhance the natural and structural features of the existing space. A well designed landscape features four seasons of interest and will bring you pleasure year after year.  Our landscape designs grow from your ideas. We realize that your landscape is very personal, so we take time to listen to each customer’s need and wants. We pride ourselves in creating beautiful and unique outdoor living spaces that are a natural reflection of their owners. We are a family operated small business, who believes that quality is for everyone.


Dormant spraying & pruning | Spring clean-up of property | Garden maintenance & fertilization/plant pathology | Mulching | Structural pruning & shaping Here at Father Nature Landscaping, we like to start the season off with a bang! Dormant spraying and pruning aids in plant health and growth throughout the entire season. This combination spray of horticultural oil and lime sulfur, is 100% legal and safe. We are an elite horticultural team with specialized knowledge of each plants needs. We recommend that gardens be mulched annually to retain moisture, reduce weeds and to improve the health of the plant as well as the medium it is grown in. Fertilization of garden spaces is essential for proper plant development. After assessing all plant material, we are able to create a fertilization program using a wide spectrum of products to fulfill every plants needs.  


Structural pruning & shaping | Mulching | Garden maintenance | Installation of aluminum edging | Landscape design & construction | Pond design and construction | Patios and walkways Protect your investment with regular maintenance on your garden. We are committed to assisting you with all of your gardens needs to ensure it’s proper development. This includes pruning, weeding, dead-heading of spent blooms as well as training of vines and espalier forms. All plant and tree specimens have different pruning schedules and ways they prefer to be pruned. Structural pruning and shaping is healthy for the plant as well as maintaining the parameters of its space.  


Fall clean-up of property | Bulb planting & design | Mulching | Garden maintenance | Landscape design & construction  Fall is the perfect time to design and plant your spring bulbs. With many different options, bulb plantings have an amazing impact on your garden early in the season. These plants deliver beautiful aromas, as well as your first flowers. Fall is the end of the growing season. some plants like to be cut back, while others like to aid in the winter interest by waiting until the spring. Protection of some plant specimens is also helpful to reduce damage from the elements as well as critters. It is important to clean up the leaves at this time of year to reduce fungal problems, as well as preventing a large disgusting spring clean up. Your neighbors will appreciate this as well.  

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